The ICS Graduate Certificate Program is available to anyone who wishes to receive professional support in the field of integral vision studies without necessarily desiring a further academic qualification. Shorter in duration than our Graduate degree ICS Programs, the Certification offers valuable help and training and supports your progress to a more holistic understanding of human nature.

The ICS Graduate Certificate Program gives you an additional level of education that will make a valuable contribution to your area of expertise.

Designed for working professionals, trainers, teachers, etc., our Certificate Program is an effective instrument for career advancement and ongoing education in the fast-evolving and changing industry of professional and academic education and training.

Graduate Certification in Integral Consciousness Studies offers a series of courses that will enable you to build a firm theoretical foundation and understanding of the integral vision:

  • Philosophy of mind
    Sigmund Freud, defense mechanisms, behaviorism, Carl Jung, symbolism, shadow work, subconsciousness.
  • Science of cognition
    Cognitive processes, the question of free will, the architecture of perception, the biology of believes, determinism, brain chemistry.
  • Humanistic Force
    Abraham Maslow, Karl Rogers, Marshall Rosenberg, the hierarchy of needs, authenticity, the origin of emotions, EQ.
  • Transpersonal Vision
    Stanislav Grof, John Rowan, Roberto Assagioli, mindfulness, emotional awareness and compassion, the ontology of consciousness.
  • Integration, part one
    Ken Wilber, pre-personal, personal and transpersonal states and stages, Wilber map and AQAL.
  • Integration, part two
    The integral vision supported by cognitive neuroscience, quantum mechanics, and integral theory.

The ICS Certification can be completed in six (full-time study) to twelve months (part-time study).

The Program is offered as distance learning and therefore no outside travel is necessary for participation.

If you are a busy professional, you may not have time to go back to traditional school. Studying for your graduate ICS certificate online allows you to receive the training you need and want without having to spend hours at school.

While many resources for the ICS Certificate study can be readily found online, there are additional resources (books, video lectures, etc.) which you will be needing for successful completion.

The cost of those resources is above and beyond the charges for tuition to the University or Institute, and, as such, are the responsibility of the student.

Please, see also Important information and guidelines for our new students >>

There are no classical group lectures and evaluation tests; you will be, however, required to write six shorter academic papers (up to 2.000 words, 4 pages, 12 point font, single-spaced), demonstrating your insight into each subject. In addition, your studies will be supported by short quizzes and tests implemented into our LMS platform.

Professional editing service for your papers is available in the English language.

Support on your path to ICS Certification is guaranteed. Your Mentor is available to you throughout your journey via email. You may request email support as many times as you need.

Your Mentor is also available for support on the online conferencing platform Zoom. There are three 60 minutes consultations available to you during your journey to the ICS Certification.

Broadband internet connection, camera and a microphone are required for online consultations.

Rushmore does not limit the number of students who may enroll at any given time, and practices a “rolling admissions policy.” Students may begin their studies at any time during the calendar year and are not required to either admit or matriculate at any specific calendar time.

If you are accepted for admission, you will either be eligible for immediate enrollment or you will be put on the waiting list for the first available place in our program.

As we screen applicants, one of the most important guiding criteria for admission is our assessment of your goals and your determination to achieve them.

While a previous undergraduate degree in a relevant field of studies is preferable, for professionals with extensive professional experience, the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) may be considered. The RPL’s eligibility for the Graduate Certificate in ICS would be examined on a case-by-case basis.

We can make a decision on your application for graduate ICS Certification quickly, typically in 72 hours.

Rushmore University ICS Graduate Certificate, online professional support, mentoring, and consulting on Zoom platform:
– Full payment: 2.520 EUR
– Three installments: 3 monthly payments of 895 EUR
– Six installments: 6 monthly payments of 460 EUR

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