Neuroscience to the rescue

I love science in general and especially (cognitive) neuroscience. In particular, it offers objective observations about misconceptions and predominant myths in popular culture, profit-driven industries, and other areas of human existence.

Most of these seem to embrace pseudo-scientific notions discovered by pure serendipity (if I borrow a phrase from Dr. Indre Viskontas – not necessarily the one I would employ), substantiated by little or no unbiased research.

There is so much more to human potential!

A priori resigning to easy misconceptions instead of digging deeper for brutal truths might prove improvident in the long run.

Twenty-four myths busted by neuroscience (objectivity of a human brain myth, chemical imbalance, and mental illnesses myth, the objectivity of perception myth, the memory myth).

Brain Myths Exploded: Lessons from Neuroscience by Dr. Indre Viskontas
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